A Question of Sport

Rhodri Glyn has noted that Wales will lose out to the tune of 80 million pounds because of Lottery funding diverted to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Alex Salmond recons that the cost to Scotland will be 150 million pounds, but, he goes on to say It is entirely reasonable to call for an equivalent sum to be returned to Scotland to help us deliver a real, lasting legacy from the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

If Mr Salmond gets the support that he wants for the Commonwealth Games will that mean that Wales will lose further million of pounds of Lottery funding?

Is Wales going to lose out to Glasgow as well as London?

What will Wales' payback be for supporting international games prestige for England and Scotland?

Isn't it entirely reasonable for Wales to ask for support for sport and exercise, equivalent to that given to England and Scotland based on need, rather than on attracting prestige events?


  1. I think the Commonwealth Games is being funded entirely by the City of Glasgow, the Scottish Government and perhaps a bit of Lottery funding.

    Obviously it's not on the scale of the Olympics and the venues and necessary infrastructure are already in place.

  2. All these Games are a total waste of money

  3. not holding my breath04/03/2008, 00:11

    or maybe some forward thinking by the Assembly to get its act together and start thinking about putting bids in for Welsh Cities for events like European Athletics Championships, World Swimming Championships etc.

    this would be a good way to inspire our young people, get fitness on the agenda and give us a tourism and economic boost.