Bryn's British Album

I always thought that Bryn Terfel was a Welsh Nationalist. Perhaps I'm mistaken he has done the "Rule Britannia" bit in the Proms twice, after all!

My youngest son bought me a copy of Bryn's latest CD yesterday (cos it was my birthday - do David Cornock and I share a birthday - all be it 109 years apart?). Bryn's Album is called "First Love" songs from the British Isles, and has been advertised, even on S4C, as the best British Album by the best British singer.

Politics apart, Bryn is a fantastic singer and all of his albums are worth listening to, but why oh why does he feel the need to put on a "false" Scottish accent when singing Scottish songs?

Danny Boy, which features Ronan Keating singing along with Bryn is dreadful. It shows that Ronan is a light crooner who's voice just can't match that of a classically trained expert - why either agreed to the release of this excruciatingly painful track is beyond my comprehension.

Bryn Terfel - First Love - Songs from the British Isles is an ideal present for the miserable old fart in your life - but warn him/her to skip tracks 4, 5 and 16 if you don't want him/her to be even more miserable than s/he is now!


  1. Phyllis Johnson25/09/2008, 15:27

    I love Bryn's new CD! Being an American, I was not aware that Bryn had a false Scottish accent. It sounded very good to me. LOL! A lot of people do not like the "O Danny Boy" duet but I did. In listening to the two voices, it sounds like a duet between a "father and son" ...Ronan has such a young voice and, of course, Bryn has the mature voice. I think Bryn must have included this, or the producers included the song, because Ronan is Irish.

    Phyllis Johnson

  2. I am not sure about this....because I couldn't believe me ears and I was eating supper at the time.....but I am sure Bryn Terfel referred to Wales as 'The Principality' on BBC Wales News a few weeks ago when talking about the Faenol festival.

  3. Penblwydd Hapus hwyr i ti Alwyn...dwi ddim di clywed y CD fy hun ond mae Bryn yn sicir yn cael lot o "media" ar hyn ac pob tro dwi wedi ei weld a'i glywed mae o yn sicir yn arddel ei Gymreictod.

  4. well be fair "British Isles" doesn't equate to the Union does it.