Public information or propaganda?

Public information broadcasts usually serve the genuine purpose of informing the public about things that most of the public need to know. Don't drink and drive - remember to apply for tax credits in time - don't fiddle the benefits system - use the green cross code when crossing the road etc. All good and worthy information that educates the general TV watching public.

I don't think that the latest public info adverts from the UKBA fits into the same category.

How many people are likely to need a license to bring immigrants from without the European Free Trade area into the UK? I would have thought that the numbers are few - not enough to justify the level of TV advertising that the UKBA's campaign currently enjoys.

Is it cynical to suggest that the main point of the UKBA's adverts have sod all to do with licencing and informing potential licensees (never mind informing the general public) but more to do with publicising an attempt by the Labour Government to appear tough on immigration?


  1. Your "from without the European etc....."

    Have you discovered the Scottish term "outwith",
    I find it useful, no disrespect intended.

    Your expression becomes "from outwith the European etc....."

  2. I too found this ad quite bizarre. It can only practically apply to a small proprtion of viewers.

    It also reminded me of the frightening AIDS ads of the 80s - grim, hard work, a struggle with nasty consequences at the end sort of thing.

  3. When I saw it,I immediately thought it was pro-government propaganda.

    They really are the most dreadfully deceitful people.Thank God they will be gone soon.

  4. It'll be interesting to see how much of the unpalatable activities of UKBA will be airbrushed out of the picture

  5. And worst of all, they're running this propaganda in English on S4C, plugging a website with no Welsh version. If Labour have got any propaganda message through, it is that they do not care for Wales or for the Welsh language. Perhaps this is worth a complaint to the ASA.