Is your facebook friend a spook?

Apparently MI6 is to use Facebook to recruit new spies.

Doesn't this defeat the object of spying? What is the point of hiring spies who are going to record their activities on a social network?

What are you doing now?
Filming secrets in the Russian Embassy!

I can't see it working somehow!


  1. Don't have a Facebook a/c but I saw one of these MI5/ MI6 ads on livemail/hotmail a while back.

    I thought it was intriguing so I went to the site and read up. The work looks actually fascinating for anyone with an eye for detail and a good grasp of the bigger picture. And the big plus is that you'd be really helping to keep our country safe.

    (Sounds like I'm making my own ad for them, doesn't it!? Strangely enough, I love our country passionately - I just hate the obvious bullshit that so many of the tossers come out with!)

    So, anyway, I actually did their testy thing online, pressed the button and fully expected it to come back with a Bllllrrrghhhh! On-yer-bike!. No, to my surprise it told me to get in touch right away!!!

    To be honest, I really doubt whether they really want someone who isn't afraid to tell it as it is!!! LOL! (The starting wages could do with being better but - how can anyone afford an 007 lifestyle on £25k or whatever a year?!!)

  2. What, Cherry? MI5/6 recruiting on popular sites, recruits writing their daily spy doings or me getting through the online sift?!! ;-)

    I think it's a good idea to spread the net wide. They employ all sorts of people I've heard. No doubt they'll be able to weed out the ones who can't keep real secrets secret!

  3. LOL Deb, I meant them recruiting that way ;-) Thinking about it though I guess they are trying to appeal to the youngsters!

  4. Well, Cherry, the pay at entry level and just above is quite poor especially for London, so that rules us mature, worldly-wise folks out then!

    But, you know, I've had several invites from same age friends to join Facebook - I've heard that kids are embarrassed by their parents' pages there!