Lembo's love life part 299

There is a vicious rumour over at the Daily Pundit that suggests that Lembit Opik was not dumped by Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia, as was previously reported. It appears that the truth is that Lembit was forced to break up his stable loving relationship by serial shagger and party leader Nick Clegg:

'It's the Cheeky Girl or the Party,' Clegg is rumoured to have told Lembit.



  1. What a choice. Worst of both worlds. Lib Dems or a minger.

    I'd choose neither.

  2. To be fair Damon Lembit's hardly Brad Pitt is he

  3. I was just about to comment I am so glad I am not in the public eye.

    Then I remembered at the PCS conference earlier this year, I got chatting to someone and introduced myself. The reply was oh yes I know all about you!!!

  4. Daid, he may be no Brad Pitt but northern Irish men can give pretty women an energetic time all night!

  5. O! David, have you never heard of love and romance?

    Damon, I thought that you were a budding novelist. MP gives up the love of his life for the sake of party and country. It has the makings of a Mills and Boon blockbuster - work on it!

    Cherrypie, I know little about you, but I'd like to know more :-)

    Rhetoric, it is being a Welsh MP that has put lead into Lembit's pencil not his northern Irish upbringing!