Iain Dale causes Plague of the Cornflakes!

Last year if you wanted to see your blog name in Print you would have to pay out a whopping £15 for a copy of Iain Dale's Guide to political blogging.

This year, if you have attended the Liberal Party Conference or the TUC you will already have been given one gratis. Something for those who are about to attend the Labour and Tory conferences to look forward to.

Those of you who attend other conferences (Plaid, SNP, MK, etc) and us sad souls who don't do conferencing need not despair. The publication is available as a PDF for free HERE.

The publication contains many more lists of the best than were published on Iain's blog. For instance the top 30 blogs by councillors, which has two Welsh entrants:

Blog Dogfael, a Plaid Councillor on Aberystwyth Parish Council at number 14 - Llongyfarchiadau Dogfael.

And at 29 Gwilym Euros Roberts who is also described by the guide as a Plaid Cymru Councillor .

Look out for multiple by-elections in Gwynedd, as half the council members choke to death on their cornflakes by the news that Gwilym is a Plaid Councillor. It's difficult to work out which party will suffer the most from the plague of the cornflakes, Plaid or Llais!

Iain Dale's ignorance of Gwynedd politics may have a lot to answer for!


  1. I hold my hands up to ignorance! What party affiliation is he then?

  2. Diolch i ti Alwyn am roi Iain ar ben ffordd....mi dagais ar fy nhrydedd powlen o gorn flakes wrth feddwl pa mor hunllefus fyddai bod yn aelod o grwp y Blaid ar Gyngor Gwynedd.
    Gobeithio dy fo ti'n cadw'n iawn.
    Cofion gorau,