You Gov starts Welsh Panel

Last August I wrote a post on this blog saying:

Unfortunately YouGov doesn’t do Welsh Polls, mainly because there are not enough Welsh members to create a reliable poll. Wales is considered to be a part of the Midlands of England because of the lack of Welsh members!

I also encouraged those who were interested in Welsh current affairs to join YouGov in order to ensure that there are enough Welsh members to enable the company to produce Welsh polls.

I was pleased to be informed today that YouGov in partnership with the BBC and research company SPA has now set up a panel called WalesView which will be conducting regular research into a variety of topics concerning Wales.

I shall look forward to taking part in these surveys and seeing what they report.

If you would like to join YouGove you can do so by clicking here.


  1. peter kellner04/09/2008, 19:56

    Thanks for pointing this out to us.

    I expect Plaid supporters will be busily registering (if the link worked!) so they can skew all future polls their way.

    Very scientific! Very crap!

  2. news, as a panel member for years I've gotten so frustrated with questions asking me whether I trust Gordon Brown or David Cameron most with the NHS!