OU does Welsh

Those with an interest in things Welsh wishing to further their education might be interested in two new foundation courses being offered by the Open University

Croeso: beginners' Welsh
Points: 30 Code: L196 Level: 1

Croeso will give you the skills you need to speak and understand simple Welsh in everyday situations. No previous knowledge of Welsh is required. We’ll send you printed and audio materials, and you’ll have a dedicated website, all of which support your language learning. And while you’re learning Welsh, you’ll gain a real feel for Welsh culture too.

Small country, big history: themes in the history of Wales
Points: 15 Code: A182 Level: 1

How does a country without political independence gain an identity? What is the role of history and historians in shaping national memory and identity? How have the historians of Wales done their work – what are their sources, and how should we scrutinise them? Using case studies ranging from the impact of Tom Jones and the Welsh rugby team in the twentieth century, to the building of Welsh castles under Edward I, this course will develop your understanding of Welsh history, the craft of the historian, and some of the ways in which national identities are formed.

Taking these courses will not only give you points towards a degree, but will also enable you to have learned conversations about Tom Jones and rugby in Welsh - wow the benefits of a good education ;-)


  1. I found out about this earlier on in the year. They have no plans to do further Welsh language courses though. Shame really, but it's nice to see my alma mater doing such a course.

  2. Should Welsh be the sole language in Wales?