Annexational Incorporationalists

In his most recent post The Stonemason notes that Alan Cochrane of the Daily Telegraph asks the question Will a Tory government hasten the end of United Kingdom?

In response The Stonemason wonders:
As he spoke only of Scotland, does this mean Cochrane understands Wales to be a constituent part of England?

How many others believe as Cochrane?

If Mr Cochrane understands Wales to be part of England he is legally correct.

Wales is not a constituent part of the Union. The Union is the United Kingdom of England Scotland and Ireland (now just Northern Ireland). Wales is a part of the Union by virtue of being annexed and incorporated into the realm of England.

Those opposed to Scottish and Irish Nationalism are, quite rightly, called Unionists. Those who are opposed to Welsh Nationalism, if one wants to be pedantic, are not Unionists but are something along the lines of Annexational Incorporationalists.


  1. Wales was a part of the now defunct Kingdom of England, it is not, and has never been, part of the country of England (what remains today). The Laws in Wales Act specifically refered to Wales and England as seperate entities.

  2. Welsh/Scots patriots -
    Boycott the Olympics!

  3. How many would I score at scrabble with that MOF

  4. And .....

    do the people of England really see the people of Wales as any differently to themselves. My experience of the English people is that they differentiate between a Yorkshire person and Kentish in exactly the same way as they would with the Welsh person.

    ...... so Unionist it is, for me that is.

  5. This is a question which we can argue about forever because I doubt that any answer fully explains it.

    I suppose that the English are subjects of HM as Queen of England,of the Northern Irish as the subjects of the remnants of the Kingdom given to Henry II by Dermot McMurrough,Scotland as Queen of Scotland leaving the Welsh either her subjects by descent through right of conquest or as direct subjects since Henry VII as a Welshman was freely accepted by the Welsh as their King.

    It's the old chestnut of being subjects of a monarch and not citizens of a country that ties us up in knots.

  6. Henry VII as a Welshman was freely accepted by the Welsh ..... "and English" ..... as their King.

    I agree with you penlan, I am just happy to see a new dawn.

  7. The there is Cornwall to consider as well.

  8. Cornwall is the "oddest" part of the Union.

    There are no laws or statutes that enclose Cornwall as part of England / the UK, like the 16c Welsh Acts of incorporation or the Berwick and Wales Act.

    As some Cornish Nationalists say England just forgot that Cornwall wasn't part of its realm.

    If those who oppose Irish and Scottish Nationalism are Unionists, and those who oppose Welsh Nationalism are Annexational Incorporationalists, I suppose that those who oppose Cornish nationalism are Forgetanationalists (that's lots and lots of Scrabble points, Mam!)