Sir Kenneth Calman is alive and well!

I nearly fainted with shock when a blog post entitled Is Calman Dead in the Water appeared in my blog list. Sir Ken Calman is a real human being (and a nice bloke too). When I read the blog headline I was expecting the post to be about the poor man's demise is Loch Ness, Loch Lomond or Scottish Labour's muddy waters.

I am pleased to be able to confirm that Sir Ken is alive and well and labouring (sic) on with his thankless task.

Tory students should think about older readers with heart conditions before posting such outrageous blog titles!


  1. But does he go for a dip in Loch Ness?

  2. I better make sure I don't do anything similar with mine then ;-)

  3. Ha, from now on I will give thought to our more mature readers, when it comes to blog titles.