David Jones' Democratic Deficit

David Jones MP is a gentleman for whom I have the "utmost respect".

His attitude towards local democracy stinks. His suggestion that Dafydd Elis Thomas' role is just that of the chairman of a county council, is insulting to Welsh County Councils, the chairs of those august bodies and our National Assembly.

It may come as a surprise to Mr Jones that the Chair of a Council, be it a Parish Council or a County Council DOES have the role of defending and upholding the constitution of the council. So even if he wishes to insult the Assembly by calling it nothing more than a council, and insult the Presiding Officer by saying his role is the same as that of a council chair; Lord Elis Thomas, as elected Presiding officer, still has the right, the moral duty and the legal obligation to defend the Assembly's constitution!

The Government of Wales Act 2006 did not create a bicameral Assembly. The Welsh Affairs Select Committee, is not a second chamber of the Assembly. The WASC's response to the housing LCO suggests that it is, illegally, attempting to make itself the Assembly's upper house.

The Government of Wales Act (2006) states, quite clearly, that the Assembly can ask Westminster please can we have legislative powers over xxxx issue?.

Westminster has a choice of two Answers Yes or No. By answering maybe - as long as you use the powers to do what we want the WASC is, quite simply, breaking the law.


  1. good point Alwyn
    I wonder why the WAC is so nervous

  2. I have always considered David Jones to be a rabid unionist and not inclined to promote the best interests of Wales.
    Serious efforts need to be made in Monmouthshire to reinforce its rightful place as an integral part of the Welsh nation.

  3. Alan - am I missing something? David Jones is MP for Clwyd West - and it is only the EDP that have tried to question Monmouthshires status - and theire views have generally been ignored

  4. The WASC report itself states that the role of the Presiding Officer is to act as the "Gatekeeper", policing the remit of LCO's. So by their own admission Dafydd El is doing his job (and I'm not his No. 1 fan!).

    But what I'd like to know is that if ET is "The Gatekeeper", does that mean Paul Murphy is "The Keymaster"? Ooer.

  5. Alan in Dyfed,

    "David Jones ...... rabid Unionist"

    Would that be extreme, fanatical or affected with rabies?


  6. As a pro-devolutionist, I want to thank the WASC for making a case for full-law making powers better than any yes campaign could...

  7. AlaninDyfed? or should be AlaninAdelucia (sp). Get back to your homeland :)

  8. And of course the English establishment ignores those cranks trying to invade Monmouthshire because they're terrified we might start mentioning Croesoswallt...

  9. Oops and apologies, and thanks to Penddu for pointing out my error.
    Morgan Hen, we are a one-world society (whether we like it or not) and location is irrelevant as is yours in the USA.
    By the way, may the Lord save us from Palin and McCain.
    It is spelt "Andalucia" - a part of Romanised and Arabicised Spain, not the Celtic Spain of the North.
    However it is flooded by so-called "Brits" escaping the horrors of the homeland. This trend will increase until the government gets defeated.
    A significant milestone will occur in Glenrothes.
    P.S. My granfathewr Caleb Jones was from Pontypool so I have a special interest in the status of Sir Fynwy.