Facebook YES Campaign

Jim Dunckley and I have started a campaign on Facebook in support of calling a referendum on law making powers for the National Assembly and supporting a Yes vote:

Wales First/ Cymru Gyntaf is a non-party political group calling for a "Yes" vote in the upcoming referendum on full lawmaking powers for the Welsh Assembly.
Our aim is to use the internet to mobilise popular support for a full Parliament for Wales.
Let's give our first democratically elected forum here in Wales the power it needs to put Wales FIRST.

With a No campaign already getting publicity, despite only having half a dozen members, it is important that a Yes campaign exists to oppose them.

With some supporters of Devolution dithering and wondering if a referendum could be won it is important that there is a grass roots support campaign to show that there is support for putting Wales first and an enthusiasm for the Yes cause.

As John Dixon said a few weeks ago the wait and see approach being proposed by some has risks "a risk that we wait until the polls show that the argument has been clearly won before we start to present the case; and I don't understand how anyone would ever expect to decisively win any argument without putting the case."

If you support a yes vote in a referendum, I would be grateful if you joined the Wales First campaign, asked your friends to join and gave the campaign a mention on your blogs, web-pages, forums etc



  1. brilliant, if we can't wait for the politicians to put forward the case and campaign, then we'll do it ourselves.

    If you need any help with anything give me a shout.

  2. unbelievable! world is going into meltdown and all you care about is giving more power to those wankers to bugger Wales up even more!

  3. I think you'll find my anonymous friend that the Assembly government wasn't responsible for deregulating the financial system and allowing the inflation of the biggest financial bubble in UK/World history.

    And I think you'll also find that the Assembly isn't responsible for chucking billions of pounds of taxpayers money down the financial toilet after derivatives and dodgy debts.

    But hey, we'll overlook those small details shall we? ;-)

    Governments rely on the confidence of the people - and who has any confidence in the UK government now? This isn't just a financial crisis, it's a constitutional crisis too.

  4. Sounds too nationalistic to me. In 1979 the referendum was lost, partly, due to the yes campaign being split between devolutionists and nationalists, if Wales is to get more devolution, then the campaign must not be seen as being a nationalist one.

  5. Thanks for the support Al Iguana.

    Annon 19:49. The financial situation doesn't appear to be a reason for those opposed to further devolution not to create a No campaign, or indeed to stop you from commenting in a negative way about constitutional changes. Is your point that during times of financial turmoil it is only appropriate to comment in a negative way about the future of Wales? I suspect that if the financial climate was brilliant you would still be complaining about wankers discussing constitutional issues.

    I agree with every point you make Draig.

    Annon 22:15. If your perception is that the facebook campaign is too nationalistic I am very disappointed. Jim and I had long discussions about the wording to be used. We were particularly conscious of the danger of the campaign only appealing to "nationalists, we wanted a campaign that would appeal to Labour, Liberal, Tory and non-aligned people and not just to die in the wood nationalists. I am truly sorry if you think that we have failed to do so.

  6. Maybe it is just me being slightly uncomfortable with the name, and reading too much into it.

    Regardless it is good to see a Yes campaign of sorts gtting up and running in some sort of way, we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball.

  7. Actually re-reading the posts on the Walls and the discussion topic, is does seem to be a Plaid Front. Maybe that is not the intention, and it might just be the people who joint it, but I simply cannot join it while it beinf used to promote Plaid as a party, rather then promoting the yes campaign.

    (formerly Red Dragon and Flag)

  8. Sorry, Red Flag, but your comment is a load of unmentionables.
    If Wales First was a "Plaid front", I wouldn't be part of it, I fell out with Plaid a long time ago!

    Wales First has no party political affiliation, it is open to members of all parties and supporters of none

  9. Exactly Alwyn....

    Plaid Cymru, lib dems and labour members support it, who ever gets in power next election...

    its not for Plaid...plaid made the idea...but it doesn't mean its for them!
    its for the people of Wales

    David Davies is such a looser! thats my opinion...
    "Wales would be in soviet style povery"
    Does he mean the poverty we were all in under tories? haha
    well i guess they'll find any way of stopping it

    BUT we are the people of Wales we have the right to have a Welsh government making laws on us with out westminster nodding there heads as if the AM's in Wales are some kids!!

    not giving the Welsh a right for a Parliament with law making powers is un-democratic!
    the wales first group on facebook is doing well!
    they're getting loads of support both from Plaid and LIB DEMS! and maybe sum labour supporters too...