What a load of Rubbish

Much excitement in the Tory supporting blogs over a report in the News of the World claiming that prescription charges are to be reintroduced in Wales.

Where did the paper get this story from?

A senior Whitehall source

The Welsh experience over the past 10 years is that Whitehall has been unaware of devolved policies even after they have happened. A Whitehall source knowing what the Assembly is going to do before it happens? I don't think so.


  1. Sounds a bit dislocated to me.

  2. credit crunch street lights going out funnding cuts, do not know anymore.

  3. alwyn your on the wiki ranking now your up to no.89

  4. Yes James, a NoW reporter trying to get details about the Welsh Assembly in Whitehall is a bit dislocated.

    Robert, I doubt if street lights going out and the credit crunch are going to be factors in the prescription charges debate.

    Mad Maggie, I have never heard of the wiki ranking - where can I find it?

  5. http://thewesternmale.blogspot.com/