Diolch Martin

There is a popular perception that people of differing political opinions hate each others' guts. Despite its popularity the perception is rarely true. Those of us who are interested in politics probably have more in common than those who can't see the point of politics.

The vast majority of people who hold differing political viewpoints are passionate about their beliefs because they want what is best for their country, their district their parish. We are united in wanting the best, we are just divided on what best is.

I would never vote for Martin Eaglestone, I disagree with him on 90% of issues, but I have a lot of respect for him. Martin has fought his corner with vigour and passion for many years. He has stood for Labour in Arfon on four occasions. Each time his head has probably told him that he didn't have a chance but his heart made him hope against hope. But after every defeat he has picked himself up dusted himself down and gone bravely into battle again.

Without people like Martin, who are willing to stand, stand and stand again (for what some might call a hopeless cause) there wouldn't be any democracy in these islands. Democracy is more important than political partisanship, so I am grateful to Martin for his huge contribution to the cause of democracy.

I was sad to read that he has given up his candidacy for Arfon in the next General election. I hope that the changes in his personal life that have forced him to withdraw his candidacy are happy ones and not sad ones. I wish him all the best

Diolch Martin

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  1. Hi Alwyn

    the reasons are both "happy" and "sad", as with all emotional changes. I am in good health and will return to blogging on a regular basis soon.

    Our shared thoughts about the democratic struggle are valuable. I live to fight another day, perhpas another place - if anybody wants me!