Gay Bishops and Gay Bashing

The electoral collage of the Diocese of Bangor have been asked not to elect the Very Reverend Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans as Bishop because doing so might harm the Anglican church. The Rev John is openly gay and lives in a civil partnership with his partner.

I would of thought that electing the Rev John as Bishop would be much less harmful to the Anglican communion than allowing the Rev Peter Mullen to remain as an ordained servant of the church. Apparently the Rev Mullen wrote on his blog (now shut down):
Let us make it obligatory for homosexuals to have their backsides tattooed with the slogan SODOMY CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH and their chins with FELLATIO KILLS.

If I was an Anglican I would much prefer to see the Rev John speaking for the church community rather than the likes of the Rev Mullen.


  1. Alwyn. As much as I find Fr Mullen's comments offensive and detestable. I reiterate my own comments on parachuting someone into the Bangor diocese.

  2. Yeah well, that's Christian love and compassion for you isn't it? Brand anyone whose beliefs and lifestyle you don't agree with - in this case with tattoos. I seem to remember we've been here before...but nobody expected Spanish Inquisition/Witchfinder General methodologies in the 21st century...

  3. Morgan, I can't find your comments on parachuting candidates into the Bangor Diocese. I read your blog "religiously" (sorry) but I don't remember seeing your post on this subject.

    In the unlikely event that the Very Rev John is elected I don't think that anybody could say that he was "parachuted". He was ordained in the Church in Wales and is a Welsh speaking Welsh clergyman. I don't think that the fact that he currently works for the CofE in St Albans should be a bar to his appointment.

    Deb Acle. I am very much committed to Christianity myself. I don't think that the Rev Mullins comments are "typical" of Christians (in the UK at least). I hope that you and others don't tar all Christians with the same brush because of the unacceptable comments of one major prat.

  4. Hello Alwyn, I hope my comment was not too offensive to you. I'd be happy to tell you how my view has been formed but not online. (Though you may have worked it out from the things I've posted on my blog.) Suffice to say that I've experienced Christian love and attention over the last few years. It has destroyed me.


  5. Alwyn! http://morgan-hen.blogspot.com/2008/09/is-wales-ready-for-gay-bishop-and-does.html

    Not religiously enough! ;) This is where I commented n this! and agree with your comments on "prat" Remember Fred Phelps outside my house!

  6. That's something I didn't know about St Albans.

  7. "The Rev Peter Mullen is a London clergyman whose congregation is devoted to him. He is also a sometime contributor to this newspaper. He has made a mark in recent years as almost the only man in the Church of England to oppose the touchy-feely, politically correct slavishness of his Church.

    "Mr Mullen, chaplain at St Michael's Cornhill, does this not because he is nasty, but because he interprets the Bible traditionally. Perhaps unwisely for one in his public position, he also has a sense of humour. It is not to everyone's taste.

    "I suspect even he regrets writing a satirical blog suggesting homosexuals be tattooed on their backsides. His resignation is being demanded, of course.

    "How amusing that a body believing in forgiveness and charity can be so short of it for its own clergy."

    Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph, 11 October, 2008