True Welsh Blogs

Three new blogs all relating to the referendum:

True Wales is The Cross Tory Campaign Group opposed to Welshies being allowed to make their own laws up.

True-Wales is campaigning to abolish the National Assembly, and replace it with an appointed Secretary of State who will govern Wales by decree, without the need for any democratic process. It features guest posts from Neil Kinock and John Redwood.

Wales First is a blog supporting a call for a referendum and campaigning for a yes vote in that referendum


  1. That "True Wales" blog is clearly a parody, and a bloody funny one at that.

  2. Both True Wales and True-Wales are "spoof" blogs

  3. kairdiff (West) Kid17/10/2008, 13:43

    And the 'genuine' one is itself a spoof of the 1979 one. How postmodern is that?

  4. Ah, sadly, I don't ethnically qualify for these awards.