101 Reasons for not voting Labour - #81-90

Despite portraying itself as the Peoples Party, the Labour Party has always betrayed the working class and gone after big money.

Here are reasons 81 to 90 for NOT VOTING LABOUR

80] Cash for Honours

81] Cash for Bath plugs

82] The Bernie Ecclestone Affair

83] The PFI Scandal

84] Wendy Alexander's not Scottish, not British financial donations

85] Closing Remploy factories and denying over 1000 people with a disability work opportunities

86] Closing Job Centers in Wales and centralising facilities whilst unemployment is rising

87] The secretary of State for Wales, the man responsible for the Welsh budget, can't organise his own finances.

88] London Labour refuses to match Welsh EU funding, so match funding comes out of essential services, or EU money has to be sent back unspent.

98] Labour invest heavily in London infrastructure - e.g. High speed rail, Heathrow, etc but call it "British" rather than English, and don't give Wales equivalent funding for Welsh Infrastructure.

90] Labour sees the London Olympics and all the benefits that London, England will gain from hosting the games in London as a "British affair". Wales loses out on Barnet Consequential funding and Lottery funding.

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