Pub Quiz

What do:

Peter Walker MP for Worcester
David Hunt MP for The Wirral
William Hauge MP for Richmond, Yorkshire
John Redwood MP for Wokingham

have in common with Cheryl Gililan MP for Chesham and Amersham?

I would like the Labour team to think very hard before answering this question - they might get it wrong.

Some members of the Labour team think that Ron Davies was the architect of devolution. Bollocks, he was just the builder. The Architect was Mrs Thatcher and her series of English Secretary's of State for Wales who couldn't give a fiddlers' fart about Wales.

The polls and the Tory choice for Welsh Secretary suggest that we are going back to the same old days. Welsh Labour could, if they were minded to, do something about it - amend the Government of Wales Act (2006) to get rid of the needles referendum clause!

Come on, Welsh Labour, be brave, do what's needed to earn a bonus point for your team!

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