A Debate on Euro Legislation?

A debate on Euro legislation. HT Ordo:

Seal products from indigenous hunts are exempt from the ruling, permitted only where they result from hunts conducted in a traditional manner and which contribute to the subsistence of indigenous hunters - ie the Inuit.

So the Inuit can continue to practice their quaint little customs as a museum nation, but can't use their natural expertise to create a sustainable international business? Typical imperialist attitude from the Neo Holy Roman Empire.

Why shouldn't the Inuit be able to promote their natural produce in the same way as we promote Welsh Lamb?

Like the fox hunting ban, the whale hunting ban and the anti vivisection campaigns, its all part of the trend to force extremist vegetarian ideology onto the masses.

Campaigns invented by woolly headed urban liberal prats who have no real experience of the reality of rural life and who don't have a clue about the way that the food chain works.

People who think that canis canis edit and nature red in tooth in claw belong after the watershed, in hovels but not in respectable society.

I can see no difference between promoting a Canadian Seal product market on a par with the New Zealand Lamb product. A strong market force to sell Canadian Seal, as a world wide product, would probably do more to protect the seal than nicey-nicey campaigns to stop it's commercial exploitation (nobody kills the golden goose!).

Enabling the Inuit to succeed in a world market would also enable their indigenous culture to survive in a modern context.

Agree or disagree with my rant on seal products, can you tell me how your party incumbent voted on this issue in the EU parliament or how your party candidate will vote on such issues in future, or how your vote might change the overall parliament attitude on this subject?

The answer is NO!

So where is the accountability?

Where is the purpose of voting?



  1. Jill Evans voted for the seal ban.

  2. I wonder how her SNP colleagues voted - because sporans are traditionally made out of seal hide!