Meibion y Teligraff

There was a time, apparently, when Welsh Nationalists burned down second homes. On Palm Sunday 1980 I, amongst others, was arrested for being one of the perpetrators!

At the time the Daily Telegraph hated our guts, and couldn't see that there was a human rights issue in the fact that a person could be arrested just for being a Welsh Nationalist - we were all guilty by association. Burning down Second homes was a crime against humanity.

How things have changed. The Telegraph's campaign against MP's second homes is much more vociferous and damaging than anything Meibion Glyndwr ever achived!

I can understand the public anger at some of the excesses of MP's expenses but Meibion y Teligraff have gone overboard in their anti second homes campaign!

Whilst I live in the United Kingdom, I WANT somebody for my patch to represent me in Westminster. She or He can't commute to London on a daily basis, so it is only fair that she / he has a London home paid for through the cost of democracy.

Meibion y Teligraff trying to burn down my MP's Second home is an affront to democratic representation for my little part of this Kingdom!

A Much worse crime than my non existant role in Meibion Glyndwr ever was!

So why haven't they been arrested?

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