101 Reasons for not voting Labour #91-101

The political party that I dislike most of all is the Labour Party. It is a party that has offered so much to Wales, and has received so much support from Wales over the past eight decades, but has failed miserably to deliver. It is the party that Wales trusted, and the party that betrayed that trust.

I hate the Labour party and I can think of a million and one reasons for not voting Labour. During the run up to the Euro elections I will mention just 101 of them!

101 Reasons for not voting Labour #91-101

91] Labour Raising taxes and calling them Green taxes or Health Improvement Taxes, but not spending the proceeds on either health or the environment.

92] Massive election frauds. Make sure you use your vote to vote against Labour lest the steal it and use it in a way which (according to a judge) would Disgrace a Banana republic.

93] Labour MP's voting to close hundreds of Welsh Post Offices whilst campaigning locally to keep them open

94] Labour supporting the lifestyles of the "wealthy and privileged" rather than hard-working families.

95] Reduced funding for Wales

96] Denise Idris Jones - the most ineffective AM ever.

97] They believe that the tax that we pay isn't OUR money, not even Government money but Labour Money


I could, probably write a 101 anti Kinnock comments but here are just a few to end off the list

99] Glenys Kinnock's lies about Welsh Language Education

100] Neil Kinnocks anti Welsh Devolution Campaign in 1979

101] The Kinnocks on the European Gravy Train


  1. Shelley Gittins11/05/2009, 10:48

    It just goes to show you can't be too careful.

  2. I challenge your 96 - I think this title belongs to Irene James...

  3. My concern Alwyn with all of this muck flying around over the main stream parties , is that it will open gaps for the BNP - God forbid