Golwg and Blogs

When the Plaid Driven (Labour Sat Nav) Government crashed into the bridge that promised a Welsh Language Newspaper they backtracked into a compromise lane that gave the Welsh language mag Golwg loads of money for an on-line internet presence.

It should be available today at www.golwg360.com
I am still getting a page error result at every attempt to access it - but it's early morning - let's hope for better later!

The hard copy of the periodical use to have a weekly column from former blogger Normal Mouth. Normal Mouth and I rarely agreed with each other, but I always found his arguments worth reading and worth thinking about. Normal continued to post a weekly column to Golwg long after he stopped posting on his own site. I was disappointed that Normal's rants seem to have been ditched by Golwg this week. I hope that this is just a temporary hiatus and that Normal will be restored to his former glory on the on-line edition.

There is a new column in the mag today called Byd y Blogiau (The Blogging World), which starts with the strap line Blogs are Influential - This Is What They Say. I am pleased to note that mine is one of the influential blogs noted, along with the offerings of Paul Flynn MP, Cynical Welshman (sic) and The Prof.

Looking forward to Normal and links on-line!


  1. I was wondering if Y Geg was still going. Haven't bought a copy since 2007 myself.