Western Mail Cartoons are a Joke

This isn't really a current affairs post because it relates to something that has been pissing me of for a few years now. The Far Side Cartoons in the Western Mail. They are not funny they are not relevant and they are a complete waste of space.

In yesterdays paper there was a cartoon about mobile phones and cows, first published in America in 1988! Mobile phone technology has MOOved (sorry) on a bit in the last 21 years. There is little comparison between USA cow ranches and Welsh hill sheep smallholdings. The cartoon is not only dated but is completely irrelevant to the readers of the so called National Newspaper of Wales.

To think that the Western Mail was once the home of that great Welsh cartoonist Grenfell "Gren" Jones and nurtured the talents of Mal Mumph Humphreys!

If they must publish 21 year old cartoons a 21 year old Gren, would still be funnier than a current Far Side.

Come on Western Mail! The people of Wales deserve a better laugh from our National Newspaper than a 20+ year old American cartoons can give us.

Publishing this crap makes the paper the joke!


  1. Gosh, So when I'm home in Australia, I only expect to see cartoons about kangaroos??

  2. D'you know Miserable, I've never thought about it before but, now that I am, you're dead right.

  3. Not only are the cartoons old - they are culturally alien. One recent example referred to goings on in 'the frat house.' They are totally inappropriate, as well as dated.

  4. Gren was mainly in the Echo. the point is well mad though.