Apologies to Keir Hardly Labour

As soon as I spot a new member of the Welsh political blog family I try to give the site a mention on this site and add it to my blogroll. There are very few that I haven't spotted within a few days, but Keir Hardly Labour has been blogging for three weeks, even commented on my blog, with out me noticing his/her presence. Sorry for ignoring you, bach

I'm not sure if Keir is an odd Labour party supporter or one who is pretending to be a caricature of a Labour supporter. Read the blog and let me know what you think :-)

If there are any other Welsh political bloggers who I have missed (from 95% of the political spectrum - I don't do very extreme right or left!) please leave your details in the comments.


  1. I'd love to read his blog but i am just so put of by his insistance on refering to himself in the third person. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact he does it about 10 times every post. It really drags the whole blog down into a farce!

  2. ex valleys labour voter31/07/2007, 16:12

    maybe its me but all of sudden we seem to have a range of Labour blogs popping up.

    Is its anything to do with Huw Lewis's departure they all seem to be big fans of his - must be quiet times in Transport House over the summer they needed something to do.

    Kier Hardly is obviously working for the Labour Party maybe even for Huw Lewis himself.

  3. kier hardy officionardo31/07/2007, 21:27

    I cannot stand that 3rd person either its pathetic. It also offends me that one of my heroes is being parodied in this stupid way.
    He is such a HL sycophant as well, I am sure it must be embarrassing to Huw.

  4. Well as soon as he goes on about Saunders Lewis being a Nazi we'll know for certain ... but in the meantime keir hardly .... you are johnny foreigner and I claim a crisp fiver.

  5. johnny foreigner, accept no imitations.02/08/2007, 02:08

    With a Hey and a Hoh and a Hey Nonny, NO, NO, NO.

    I'm johnny foreigner and Keir Hardly is presumably Keir Hardly.

    Of course this doesn't mean that Saunders Lewis, Plaid's slightly iffy founder doesn't get an occasional mention just for old times sake.

    Your palimpsetic pal.


    P.S. You don't get the fiver, crisp or otherwise.

  6. i think your spot on ex valleys. It does seem a tad bit coinsedental that as Huw gets the boot and starts blogging again suddenly a number of pro labour and pro huw blogs emerge. One and the same you could think. Certainly his office are blogging! Kier Hrdly seems to base his blog entirly on agreeing with whatever Huw Lewis says!

  7. Comrades, Comrades, Comrades

    The third person thing was merely a laugh, an attempt to make my writing style stand out. In keeping with the pledges regarding moderating comments, i will promise to not use the third person.

    Just to confirm a few things, i do not work for Huw Lewis. I do not work for the Labour Party, so 'obviously' is wrong in this case.


    Will link you back, i must admit as much as i pretty much disagree with all that you say, i like to read your blog and appreciate the skill involved.