Why the royals don't buy toilet roll

David Jones MP is almost onanastic about the fact that some minor royal visited his constituency today. By his own admission it's the first time that any royal has been arsed to do so in almost 200 years

But despite being ignored by the royals for almost two hundred years Colwyn still has a Royal Hotel, a Princess Drive and a statue of the Princess of Whores in its shopping centre. Why?

If no so called Royal has been bothered to grace the town with a visit for 184 years, and the best that they can do after such a long disinterest is to send the 569th in line to the throne, shouldn't the local representative of the people be telling them where to stuff their Royal Disinterest, rather than kissing their backsides and fawning loyalty to those who, clearly, couldn't give a fiddler's f*** about his constituency or his constituents?


  1. A supremely miserable post.

  2. Aye, but he does have a point. The royals are such a waste of space and yet our local dignatories fawn and forelock-tug to them as if they were minor gods (or, even worse, TV celebrities).

  3. Committed republican me, so no argument there.

    It was splendidly grumpy, though.

  4. Well he does call himself "miserable"
    though he does have a point.
    One day we will rename these places after our illustrious heroes and leaders, and if any commentator does not know who these are, shame on him!

  5. Royals buy toilet roll - do they buy anything?
    I thought if they stuck their badge on your shop then they had for free.
    The rest we pay for as tax payers in the money we give to them to carry on this outmoded unnecessary farce of an institution.

  6. I seem to have stumbled upon a republican convention... better get out of here before Leanne and John turn up.

    I know that you will all tune in to my blog the next time I post on the Prince. Closet blue bloods the lot of you ;>D

    Mental Note: must post a jolly royal blog to combat MOF's miserable one.