Hindu bull has more rights than Christian Girl.

In the High Court today a schoolgirl was refused the right to wear a ring in school as a symbol of her commitment to chastity as an expression of her Christian faith, despite the fact that such a symbol would do no harm to anybody else.

Also in the High court today it was decided that the TB carrying bullock that endangers the health of the Welsh herd should not be put down, because doing so would infringe the human rights of the so called monks at Skanda Vale to express their religious faith.

It appears that a Hindu bullock has more human rights in Britain today than a Christian girl has and that freedom of religion is a human right afforded to all faiths other than Christianity.


  1. I shall spare you my joke which would have gone something like...what a load of bullocks!

    I dont feel like joking because it isn't a joke!

    And whilst i'm on the subject, how are the untouchables? Like hinduism is a thing worth being faithful to. There was a time when the untouchables in India could only come out at night. If their shadows fell on a higher caste, the higher caste became polluted. What a joke. To hell with hunduism.

  2. Bad comparison really. You got it wrong on the Barnett formula to, nationalism before economic stability.

  3. Another case was the airport worker who was not allowed to wear a Christian pendant cross.
    This is getting ridiculous, along with gay weddings.
    Just my opinion.

  4. I agree 100%, it is hyprocritical and inconsitant. The judgement over the bull obviously comes from someone who has no idea and grasp of rural affairs and the sitution of TB in that area. In this case its the rights of the religious organisation that are being put ahead of the rights of the farming community to earn a living.

  5. why not slaughter the monks too?

  6. I remember a scene from that old classic film "Bhowani Junction" when the demonstrators who were laying down in front of the train had to take a bath, not because they were covered in sewer water, but because it was "untouchables" who threw it! I understand that the untouchables still have few rights in "Secular socialist" India.

  7. Sangarakshita (Friends of the Buddhist Order) converted thousands of "untouchables" (Shudras) to Buddhism (FYI) ;-)


  8. Hysteria and Prejudice - these are your devotees!!
    Stop shouting and sort out your meat industry and the ways you transport and put to death your animals and you'd have no TB problem.

  9. the court was right on the girl,I don;t think there was mention of a ring in the New Testament, and such ostentatious displays of faith make me want to puke. It was however wrong on the bull, it should have been slaughtered. Og course my brother in law in his Pembrokeshire farm has enough land to establish shrines for all his cattle if necessary.

  10. Anonymous said...
    Bad comparison really. You got it wrong on the Barnett formula to, nationalism before economic stability.

    No it is not a bad comparison. I went to the skanda website and it had something about defending the cow to the death if need be. Here they are going on about some animal that, by the way is infected with TB, as though it's some huge moral crime and in their own country they're treating other Humans like shite. They have it completely wrong! And, on top of that, they vow to defend the animals to the death. They need to get a grip.
    I cant remember what was written about the thoroughly ridiculous Barnett formula. Obviously it needs to be abolished! No sane person could advocate it's continued use!