Garry Bushell for London Mayor

Newspaper columnist, rock music journalist, television presenter and author, Garry Bushell, has been chosen by the English Democrats as the party's candidate for London Mayor. On accepting the nomination Mr Bushell said:

I am delighted to say that I have been asked to run for London Mayor on behalf of the English Democrats. This is a serious matter. I have thought about it seriously and I will be campaigning extremely seriously to win. It’s a big task but it can be done. I’m a Londoner born and bred and I’m sick and tired of the way London and the people of London have been taken for granted by career politicians. I’m disgusted by the crime, grime, poverty and pollution that afflict our capital. And I’m infuriated by the way tax money paid by Londoners is used to subsidise Scotland’s welfare state while our own hospitals face ward closures and cuts. I’ll be fighting for all Londoners, regardless of race or creed, to restore pride in our great city. To help my campaign, register support or find out more, please go to http://garryformayor.co.uk/ The English Democrats believe in the creation of an English Parliament and in a Bill Of Rights to restore our civil liberties. The party can be found at http://www.englishdemocrats.org.uk/

Good Luck Garry


  1. Isn't it strange what funny alliances nationalism can lead one into? GB probably regards Welsh people as leak-eating sheep shaggers.

  2. Normal mouth

    As meatloaf once said, you took the words right out of my mouth. I wonder what GB makes of the fact wales get £1000 per person more per year than england? (better not mention that eh>?)

  3. Anon said:

    "I wonder what GB makes of the fact wales get £1000 per person more per year than england? "

    Where did you get that statistic from?

  4. Normal Mouth: 'GB probably regards Welsh people as leak-eating sheep shaggers.'

    ... like many Labour MPs and left-wing London commemtators then.

    The principle of an English parliament is right. I'd support it if it was propagated by the left wing too NM. There's no reason why left wingers wouldn't support an English parliament ... except that the Labour party are afraid of losing seats in Wales and Scotland as a concequence.

  5. Normal Mouth said:
    GB probably regards Welsh people as leak-eating sheep shaggers

    If he does then at least he believes that we are leak-eating sheep shaggers who should be responsible for our own government. Unlike the Labour party, including Welsh members of the Labour party who believe that we are too stupid and incompetent to run our own affairs in the same way as other nations do.

    anon 08:54 said:
    I wonder what GB makes of the fact wales get £1000 per person more per year than England? (better not mention that eh>?)
    The ED's are quite clear that they do not think that Wales or Scotland should be subsidised by English taxpayers, that they should have their own financial competence. I'm not sure that they have got their facts right when they claim that Wales and Scotland get handouts from England, but I agree entirely that Wales should be financially competent.

  6. Don't the English Democrats want to take Monmouthsire and Newport to become a part of England and stood in the Welsh Assembly elections on such a ticket? How does that idea gel with Welsh Nationalism, especally considering that Cornwall was part of Wales at one point?

  7. The ED policy is that the people of Monmouthshire should be given a referendum to allow them decide if the want the county to be in England or Wales. I'm not sure what their attitude to Cornwall is, some comments by ED supporting bloggers suggest that there is a difference of opinion between them with some recognising Cornwall as a country and others considering it to be an English County.

    There are some policies that the ED's have(such as their attitude to Monmouthshire) that I disagree with, as I disagree with some of the SNP's Policies, MK's policies and indeed Plaid policies. However as I agree with the ED's basic tenet that England should have its own Parliament I am happy to publicise their candidate here and to encourage London Welsh ex-pats to support the ED candidate in next years mayoral election.

  8. For god sake, the EDs are a right-wing bunch of shits who cover their nasty anti-immigration politics by whinging about English democracy. Bushell has got a history of supporting neo-fascists.
    Just because we want Welsh independence doesn't mean we want the poor bloody English to be run by a former NME journalist.

    Some "nationalists" need to take a long hard look at their politics.

  9. anon said:

    "Bushell has got a history of supporting neo-fascists"

    This is true, he used to be a member of the disgusting Socialist Workers Party.

  10. Mr Bushell is actually on the left wing of English Nationalism, and is noted on some of the Fascist hate sites as one to be summararily executed (as are Ieuan Wyn Jones and Nick Bourne), because of his consistent condemnation of race hate.

    Being in favour of England is not the same as being anti-Welsh.

    Bloody hell Welsh nationalists have spent 50 years trying to sell the message that pro-Welsh doesn't equal anti-English, so why on earth can't you accept that an English nationalist isn't congenitally anti Welsh?

  11. There are some cranky ideas within English nationalism - taking back Momouthshire being one of them. But it's just lazy to say they're racists or fascist - have a look at their website. http://thecep.org.uk/
    and check out this blog feed: http://www.toque.co.uk/witan/

    With Labour today following what would have been considered a har-line right-wing, if not xenophobic attiture ten years ago, I'm not sure Labour supporters are in any place to condemn the ED. It seems the radical ideas are coming from the right these days and I dare say in 10 years time labour will support an english parliament.

    And to finish. If there are some crancky/ unpleasant / racists peoepl supporting an English parliament - what about the crancky/unpleasant/racists (BNP anyone?) people who support a British parliament. It seems both the BNP and Labour agree on British primacy - different shades of the same nationalism.

  12. "Bloody hell Welsh nationalists have spent 50 years trying to sell the message that pro-Welsh doesn't equal anti-English, so why on earth can't you accept that an English nationalist isn't congenitally anti Welsh?"

    Mr Hardly asks why on earth cant you accept that anyone who is not a welsh nationalist isnt 'anti-welsh'?

    Mr Hardly will adopt a bushell esque tone and say 'It works both ways me old china'

  13. Bushell didn't win. I'm sure someone else stood from some mens rights groups.