Glentoran, I don't belive it.

Glyn Davies, Nick Bourne, Dylan J-E, Lisa Francis, Guto Bebb and a whole host of others have been trying to sell the new Welsh face of the Conservative party for the last 10 years. The nodding dog impression of John Redwood singing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau was of old they assure us. The Conservative Party in Wales is now 100% Welsh. Not only do you have to be able to sing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau to be a Welsh Tory grandee, you also have to prove your Welshness by playing the tune on a triple harp too!

So why, o why, have the Tories shot themselves in their Welsh foot by appointing a self confessed buffoon who knows nothing about Wales as their Welsh spokesperson in the Lords?

I note that none of the regular Welsh Tory bloggers have welcomed this appointment, despite having had 24 hours in which to do so, but none of them have condemned the appointment either. Sitting on the fence isn't good enough. Doesn't the appointment of Lord Glentoran as Welsh spokesman really prove that the new Welsh image of the Tories is nothing but window dressing with no real substance?

Was Nick Bourne consulted before this appointment was made? If not why not? If so why on earth did he let it happen?!


  1. The truth is that Nick Bourne proberly didnt have any say in the matter. He maybe the leader of the Tory party in Wales but that doesnt mean anything when all the strings are pulled by the puppet masters in England. I'm sure he's livid as it has compleatly undermined the Tory Assembly groups pretence of being pro welsh.

  2. As if Gillian Wossname wasn't bad enough.

  3. I like the Victor Meldrew impression, Alwyn.

  4. I will post on Lord Glentoran when I have met him. Came as a surprise to me thoiugh.