Englandandwales Pub Quiz

Q1 What's the biggest lake in Cuba and Japan?

Q2 What's the longest street in Trinidad and Norway?

Q3 What's the highest mountain in England and Wales?

Q4 Why are the first two questions daft and the third one, one that all can answer?


  1. It will be interesting to see if the Union Jack gets flown permanently outside every public building here in Wales as per Gordon's instructions. I see the Scots are not going to do this. Now if the assembly does go along with Gordon the snot-eater on this one what should Welsh patriots do?

  2. Hopefully this sort of thing will disappear when Wales gets it's own Office of National Statistics going, and hopefully the UK one can become the English ONS.

  3. We are doing our very best to make sure that the Assembly does not go along with it. They have already been informed of the issues and one A.M. has so far responded. If you wish to support the campaign against 'Britishness' and other nonsense please contact me or Alwyn.

  4. The latest offering from the BBC:

    "...the highest mountain in Wales and England and Wales,..."

    (incidentally, they can't count either..."Currently of the 15 board members 10 are from the majority Plaid Cymru group and the rest are one Liberal Democrat, three independents and two Labour.")