London Welsh! Heads or tails?

Last month I posted a blog in which I wished well to the English Democrats in Ealing South and Sedgfield.

The results were disappointing, but Plaid only managed 609 votes in its first political outing too!. The important thing is that English Democracy has thrown its hat into the electoral ring, as it becomes a permanent part of the electoral process its message will be heard by more people and its vote will increase.

I was disappointed to hear from Plaid and SNP supporters in both constituencies that they had voted for Unionist parties rather than giving wholehearted support to the English nationalists.

How big a brick is needed to be applied to the heads of Welsh and Scots ex-pats. before they realize that the English National cause is one and the same as the Welsh and Scottish national cause?

All Welsh, Scottish and Irish patriots who live in London and who believe that their countries should be free should also support England's freedom and support Garry Bushell for London Mayor.

Any London voting Welshman who supports an unionist party rather than the English Democrat candidate is being, practically, anti Welsh, because England's right and Wales' right to be recognised as the nations that they are, are just different sides of the same coin.


  1. MOF ...

    I couldn't agree more.

    As I've written on a number of blogs (gwe's being the latest - see my comment on Alyn Smith SNP's ideas - and most expansively on Peter Black's blog) we are now on the road to separate parliament's for all of the constituent parts of the UK - including England.

    The old complaint about everything being London-centric and London-controlled is being stated just as loudly in the 'regions' of England-beyond-London as it is in Wales and Scotland.

    Until we grasp here in Wales (and in Scotland) that people have rights everywhere in the UK enmities and divisions will continue to run.

    A financial settlement (which doesn't leave Wales and Scotland more impoverished) can only be negotiated when we support the idea of proper power sharing and power-distribution amongst all of the peoples of these islands.

  2. Absolutely correct, Alwyn.
    See my blog on 'Life in the New Republic'.
    Also thumbs up for Cleckanndra!

  3. Well could someone tell me, do the English Democrats advocate independence for Wales? If they do then I would consider voting for them. At the end of the day though I'd vote for the Unionist party which is going to cut the best deal for Wales. A Lib Dem say rather than a Brownite Briton. Until droves of Saxons start supporting the Eng Dems it looks like a wasted vote.

  4. The English Nats are as concerned as we and the Scots are to set up independent nation states.
    There would be a federation within Europe, including N. Ireland and presumably Cornwall.
    We can rely on no party to help us but ourselves.

  5. Bit of wishful thinking on your part Alan, I've looked at their website and there's no mention of independence for Wales, or England for that matter. They envisage all the big issues - economy, defence, foreign policy, social security stayoing on a UK basis - they just want to take a bigger share of the cake for England.

    Why on earth any Welsh or Scottish patriot should vote for them God knows. Of course we should rely on ourselves but if you live in England at least vote for a party that gives the best value for money for Wales and that ain't the Engish Democrats.

  6. Cornwall???? These buggers want to annex Gwent never mind Cornwall. Wake up!