Time for the English Democrats in Ealing South?

Those of us who are old enough to remember the 1960's will remember that it was by-elections, rather than general elections that enabled Plaid Cymru and the SNP to become parties of influence on the electoral stage, rather than the fourth place and forgotten party.

If it wasn't for the by-election of Winnie Ewing in 1968 the SNP wouldn't be in government today, if it wasn't for Gwynfor Evans' by-election victory in 1966 Plaid wouldn't be poised to be a party of government (one way or the other) in the National Assembly.

If the English Democrats are to make headway into the mainstream of English politics then it is important that the party takes advantage of every by-election in England to advance its cause.

Because of the sad death of Piara Khabra MP in Ealing South a by election will have to be held there shortly.

The constituency profile doesn’t make it the most hopeful for an ED breakthrough, but I do hope that ED will put up a candidate and campaign vigorously in the by-election.

If they do I hope and trust that all Welsh, Scottish and Cornish nationalists support the ED candidate, either by spending a day or two in the constituency offering practical help, or by sending a tenner (or more) to the Campaign Fund.


  1. Don't the English Democrats want to annex Monmouthshire? Not the historic county, just the bit nearest England.

  2. They want to steal it all - but their pathetic election results showed what the locals thought (and the ones who voted for them probably werent locals anyway).

    I think that a strong EDP can only help Wales, so I will be offering my support in principle (but not cash)

  3. I cannot being myself to support a party that believes it has legitimate aspirations to annex a part of our country...??

    If, however, this claim is dropped (has it already after their embarrasing performance in the Assembly election...??), then yes, in principle, a party that campaigns for the independence of England can only benefit the other nations of this island.

  4. Why doesn't Plaid put up candidates in the South Herefordshire, Clun and Oswestry areas - all traditional Welsh lands that ended up the wrong side of some bureaucrats line on a map in 1536.

  5. Now I've had a look at the EDs website and I'm afraid they are a bunch of silly billys. Anyone with a spare tenner would be better off contributing it to a cause closer to home.

  6. Why doesn't Plaid put up candidates in the South Herefordshire, Clun and Oswestry areas

    Fair enough - the Welsh language used to be spoken a long way east of what's now Wales. Now we're left with a comedy accent and cider. I'll take the cider, thanks.

  7. Watch this space for the Garry Bushell London Mayoral Campaign for the English Democrats.

    (by the way, English Demcorats are also standing in Sedgefield)

    PS We want a referendum to settle the Monmouthshire issue - what's wrong with that ?