The end of the Rainbow?

According to Vaughan Roderick from the BBC, a meeting of the Labour group has given Rhodri Morgan a "free hand" to discuss the possibility of a Coalition with Plaid, this is the first time that the group has given any approval to the possibility of a formal Labour-Plaid coalition.

It looks like this could be the end of the Rainbow, that Adam's favoured Red-Green coalition dream may become a reality.


  1. Alwyn! looks like you have beaten Blamer on this scoop! Well done!

    The question is, will Ieuan bite!

  2. It's not over til its over. It was already clear that Labour would have to make a much better offer to Plaid. Whether they take it up or not will not be decided until Saturday. In short: We are none the wiser. Except of course that we know Ieuan wants the top job.

  3. Are the left in Plaid seriously going to attend the party's national council and urge the party to back a Labour first minister instead of a Plaid one?

  4. YES! If that means Labour's support for a Yes vote in a Referendum then I'm all for it. Shouldn't that be the most important issue?

  5. Hedd.

    You would believe a Labour promise on this? You would believe the Labour party will campaign energetically to have fewer Mps in westminster?

    This from a Labour party that has broken promise after promise to its own supporters...get real.