Not Red and Yellow again, surely?

Both of the BBC in Wales blogging political correspondents have dropped the same very subtle hint in the last hour or so, that a Labour - Liberal Democrat coalition might be back on the table.

Betsan Powys in a post that deals with Labour MPs reaction to yesterday's meeting with Rhodri Morgan and football adds :
A ring-around of constituency Chairs today (and more on that to come) suggests so far that the majority could just about stomach the inedible deal if they had to ... unless the unpalatable scrapes itself from the floor and puts itself back on the menu of course. Surely one course too many even to contemplate. Surely?

Her colleague Vaughan Roderick makes a similar hint in a post about the future prospects of Mike German:
(Translated) There would be little sympathy from the other parties who blame the Liberal Democrats for making a mess of the process of forming a government but is there anything that the party itself could do to avoid becoming a peripheral opposition for another four years?
It isn't possible. No. I refuse even to contemplate it. It could never happen.
But what if Mike lifted the phone and called Rhodri?

Very subtle hints, indeed. If only one of these journalists had dropped the hint I would have said that it was just a bit of teasing, but for both to drop the same hint within minutes of each other, makes me wonder if they have actually heard rumors that they are treating with caution at the moment.

I am not the only one to have picked up on the BBC's hints Ceredig seems to have drawn a similar conclusion


  1. I think it's quite possible that some in Labour were banking on a minority government turning into Red-Yellow at some stage during the next four years.

    But it's far too early yet. Mike German couldn't persuade his own group (and that's only five others) to keep talking to Labour a couple of weeks ago. I don't think anything has changed. Even if Mike German could persuade his merry band, I don't think there's much chance of it getting passed the exec.

    Possible? Yes, just. Probable? No.

  2. For those of us that did happen to watch Dragon's Eye yesterday evening, I think you should please take a deep breath as you finish reading this post and accept and follow the three points over the coming months/years:

    * Accept that a Plaid-Labour Coalition is likely to happen.
    * Mike German will do anything to save his hide before the hunter gets him. Hmm - who is the hunter(s)?
    * Tories are not that bad - find one in your constituency and hug him/her at the weekend.

    Accept all this and we shall all have no further grey hairs by the end of the year!

    P.S. Didn't Plaid change their colour from Green to yellow?

  3. After what hapened right after the election it would be suicide for the Lib.Dems to join with Labour now. They are too close politically, the electorate is already asking the question why they are there.
    A Rinbow would be a safer place for them if they seriously want to build more credibility into their party.

  4. it ould be better for labour if there were a lab/lib deal, simce plaid is a filthy word in labour circles.