Graffiti is disgusting, anti social and completely unacceptable, so who ever is responsible for defacing the unequivocal Plaid message that once appeared on Leanne Wood's blog should be thoroughly ashamed.


  1. Plaid will be in government if there is Red/Green. It will not be a Labour agenda - it will be a Labour/Plaid agenda.

    Should Gordo win the next General Election, the parliamentary Labour party will not be so foolish as to block Assembly measures.

    If Cameron wins, the Red/Green coalition, with its 2/3s + majority, has the mandate to stand up for Wales should Westminster under the Tories decide to get awkward.

    You do not have to lead a government to get policies through. But you have to be in government to get them past the starting block.

    The Lib Dems faction in the Assembly are too divisive and unpredictable. That is one very good reason to hope the tripartite alliance never happens.

  2. Talking of Leanne Woods blog entries, do you really want to let the Tories in government, when they say things like:




  3. The thing is Geraint, Labour is just as much a London party as the Tories.... and do you know what.. I don't think the Tories have ever really played the language card to seek to divide Welsh and English speakers and create hatred against the minority.

  4. Plaid will be in government if there is Red/Green. It will not be a Labour agenda - it will be a Labour/Plaid agenda.

    No. It will be Plaid propping up Labour.

    You do not have to lead a government to get policies through.

    Yes you do, if you want them to work.

  5. Considering they claim to be nationalists, MOF and Ordivicious (ha) don't get it... Red-Green has already had one desired effect. It's forced Labour to start talking about the union and created a split within Labour.
    If Wales is to progress, those elements favourable to Wales have to be won over. Otherwise we're stuck in a logjam.
    The Tories will soon revert to type - Unionists, Brit Nationalist, xenophobic and anti-European. If you can make common cause with them, I suggest you join Guto Bebb and Dylan Jones-Evans.

  6. Ordo - if you are in government you are NOT just propping up the other party. You have the chance to implement your own policies. That's how coalition government works.

    Think how much the Green Party in Germany has achieved, often with half the percentage of vote that Plaid has in the Assembly. What would they have gained from staying in opposition? Nothing!

  7. A Red/Green alliance would kick New Labour into touch. It would split the Welsh wing from the New Labour unionists in Wales.

  8. Word is that the new government formed by Labour and Plaid will, in fact, be a socialist government. The end of New Labour here and a poke in the eye for the few anti-socialists in Plaid. Can't wait to see the details

  9. IOlO
    1. There aren't enough socialists in either the Labour or Plaid group to make it a socialist government.

    2 The National Assembly doesn't have the powers to have either a truly socialist or a truly non-socialist WAG

  10. Socialists ........ Good God... don't you people pay any attention to history. Ask the good folk of Poland what they think of socialism ... and you want to revive this failed nineteenth century nonsense here.