Plaid, not Glyn, to win in Maldwyn

The blogosphere is a strange community, those of us who inter-link and comment on each other's post, clearly have something in common, an interest in Welsh politics, an interest in blogging and an interest in wishing that our blog opinions reach the widest possible audience, so that those opinions have some affect on the wider political scene.

Wales is a small community, and, as we all know, small communities can lead to nepotism and incest. The Welsh blogosphere is an even smaller community than Wales is and therefore more prone to inbreeding.

I love Glyn Davies' blogs, I feel sad that the only AM who had a dedicated Welsh language blog is no longer an AM, so there is no longer a Welsh only AM's blog. But blog love-ins can only go so far.

Maldwyn / Montgomeryshire is very much a seat in the heartlands that Plaid Cymru should win, but Plaid supporters in the constituency have too often voted Liberal or Liberal Democrat as an anti-Tory vote.

I wish Glyn well in his campaign in Maldwyn, but only in so much as to hope that his candidature will enable Plaid voters to vote Plaid rather than anti Tory Liberal Democrat in 2009. If that happens then my true wish is that a Plaid MP, not Glyn Davies, will be elected. Sorry Glyn, but Glyn to Win in Maldwyn is a step too far for me to support, despite the fact that you are a Welsh politics blogging buddy.

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  1. I haven't even been selected yet and you're doing me down. I expect some good applicants. So hold your fire for a while.