Blog links

I am not a blog-link tart. Fewer than a third of the blogs that I link to in my blog roll, link back to me! That is their choice and I am happy with it.

However, I do want my Welsh political blog roll to be comprehensive, so if there are Welsh political blogs that I have missed our of my roll, let me know - without obligation, you don't have to link back!


  1. I see your Lib Dem list could do with some help - there's a Lib Dem councillor from Mid Wales who blogs, who's on my list:

    BTW, have added you to mine as well :)

    Cofion, gwe

  2. what is a blog tart - do they sell them in tescos Alwyn -thinking in pictures here lol

  3. I used to work for Tesco on the bread and cakes section. I do recall blog tarts! I liked the lemon ones myself.

    Peter Black must be choosey with who he links!

  4. Will link yours today, hope you can do the same for me.

  5. You could link to me and I already link to you. Alex

  6. could you link to me please? I am important now!