Gordon Brown Meme

I have been asked by Little Man in a Toque to take part in the Gordon Brown Meme. I was tempted to take the same view as Ordovicious, but as Blamerbell seems to be the only Welsh blogger so far to have taken up the challenge I have decided to give it a go.
Two things Gordon Brown should be proud of
His Scottish Heritage
Putting up with a neighbour from hell for a whole ten years

Two things he should apologise for.
The tax credit fiasco
Wasting billions of tax payer's money on an illegal war

Two things that he should do immediately when he becomes PM.
Get rid of Hain as Welsh Secretary
Repeal the referendum clause and the dual candidacy clause of the Government of Wales Act

Two things he should do while he is PM.
Recognise the legitimate claims to nationhood of England and Cornwall and ensure that devolution treats all five nations of the UK with equal validity

Begin negotiations with the leaders of all five countries to prepare for eventual independence.

Tag others
As most of the contributors to the Meme have been right-wingers so far, I would be interested in the views of some Labour supporters so I pass the baton on to Normal Mouth, Clear Red Water and Live from the Socialist fortress.


  1. It's OrdoviCIUS.


  2. Ordo.... I have enough problems trying to spell English and Welsh words correctly without having to worry about the correctness of old Latin words. If the link worked accept it. If you only want to accept links with perfect spelling and grammar I'll give up linking to you :-(

  3. Now now, no need to get grumpy! I except any links, but I see no harm in pointing out when someone's being overgenerous with their vowels.

  4. Except do you accept criticism about your spelling?

  5. Except do you accept criticism about your spelling?

    I always correct myself, that's the wonder of editing. It's only in the comments that mistakes can't be edited.

  6. I responded - but as a woman in a mans world no one took any notice - big sigh ,pours another coffee, burns another bra,throws darts at Two Tans

  7. I responded - but as a woman in a mans world no one took any notice

    I noticed, but I genuinely find it difficult to think about Gordon Brown and stay awake at the same time.