The ever-expanding Welsh Political Blogosphere

I was away from my computer between Tuesday afternoon and Friday evening because of a family funeral, I was quite surprised to see that when I returned there were over 130 posts on Welsh political blogs waiting to be read on my feeds thingy. Not only so much to read from the old stagers but two new kids on the block:

Gwe and a welcome return to Joe Allen on his new blog Assembly Notes

Sorry three new kids on the block. Sion Owain Edwards is another a new member of the clan, with a bilingual blog mixing sport and politics!


  1. am I an old stager now Alwyn -been blogging nearly three months.
    Sorry to hear of your loss

  2. Oh! Yes Mam, you are definitely an Old Stagger.

    I'll be 148 next birthday, and as you're every Welsh blogger's Mam you must be even older than me :-)