Not a BBC Blog

It's good to see that the BBC's Welshman in Westminster David Cornock is back in the Welsh blogosphere with his "independent" Not a BBC Blog, although his first post contains the frightening thought that Gordon Brown might appoint the anti-devolutionist Kim Howells MP as Secretary of State for Wales.


  1. Plaid Cymru will now join Labour in a coalition.
    Plaid Cymru has now indisputedly come of age. It has gained stature as a serious and concerned political party, and as the only Party of Wales, the party which puts Welsh interests first.
    It has taken on the role as the conscience of the people, and is well on the road to success. It is donning the mantle of power and testing the waters of bi-partisan government.
    I would urge all rainbow warriors to back Plaid in its new venture in creating the conditions for nationhood.

  2. Thanks for the welcome back. My new blog has already been re-named and moved - hopefully it's here to stay