Dangerous driving

I've just heard a frightening statistic on S4C's news programme. According to a police spokesperson
the most common cause of death amongst girls aged 15-25 in Wales is their boyfriend's driving.

When I hear such nauseating facts I can't help but wonder how some journalists can sleep at night whilst continuing their vendetta against the Chief Constable of North Wales and his safe driving campaigns.


  1. True Richard Brunstrom is ready to step where no one else is ready to go!

    I do agree with most of his policies. Drink driving and speeding is one i certenly do. I have had 4 friends die because of drunk and speeding drivers.

    Why wont people listen?!

    The only thing i dont agree with Richard Brunstrom is his drugs policies, but he has showed the way in many areas and has showed an gleeming example to many people who have come to live in Wales that you can learn Welsh and become apart of the Welsh culture and community.

  2. This week yet again the Daily Post NAMED and showed a PHOTO of the biker whilst telling thousands of readers(and his family ) for what must be the tenth time that this man I'm looking at was BEHEADED.

    This will be ten times more than Brumstorm did. He DID NOT name him and only showed the aftermath of a high speed bike death to a small amount of people.

    Who happened to be low life scumbag journos.
    Arseholes the lot of them.

    Gwil ap Tomos