Nationalist Yes! - Socialist No!

Many comments on blogs and elsewhere over the post election period have proved that there is still a core of Welsh nationalists who are not socialists or inclined to the left.

My personal experience is that most Plaid Cymru voters and supporters are not left wing. Unfortunately since the mid eighties there has been a wave of support for the idea that Welsh nationalism is a socialist cause; since the mid nineties that wave has become a flood

The only nationalist argument heard, these days is an argument that links the national cause four square with the socialist cause, and usually puts socialism to the fore and ignores the national cause. Too many Plaid supporters have swallowed this idea hook, line and sinker; against their better judgement, because they never hear any alternative nationalist view.

I welcome, wholeheartedly, Sanddef Rhyferys' call for a forum / think tank / discussion group made up of those of us who are nationalists but not socialist. A place for us to discuss the nationalist alternatives to socialist nationalism and to think of ways of promoting that alternative to the Welsh public.

If you are interested in joining the non-socialist nationalist forum contact details are available via Sanddef's Ordovicius blog.

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