Adam's odd coloured lawn

Hat Tip to Normal Mouth for pointing out Adam Price's blog. For some reason I hadn't noticed that Adam had a blog. I will put him in my list shortly.

Adam's latest offering is called the Red-Green Grass of Home. An odd title - perhaps Mr Price should ask Glyn Davies for some gardening tips. As one would expect from Adam Price the post is full of left wing ravings and comments about how Plaid and Labour have so much in common.

both stem from the Welsh radical tradition with its emphasis on egalitarianism, the values of community, solidarity and progressive universalism amd Rawlsian notions of social justice

This is news to me, I always though that Plaid evolved from the Cymru Fydd movement of Lloyd George Liberalism and that Labour came from the more radical wing of Liberals based mainly in the valleys who opposed federalism and "care naught for Wales save football". As the Liberal Democrats are the heirs of Lloyd George's Liberal Party and the Welsh cultural wing in the Conservative party is rooted in Cymru Fydd, I would have put Plaid's history and traditions firmly in the rainbow camp myself.

However isn't the socialist revision of Plaid's history or the fact that Adam now seems to be strongly in favour of a red-green agreement having been Plaid's main negotiator on the Rainbow deal, that is most significant in this post but this sentence:

It has to be a full formal Coalition with Plaid Cymru Ministers in the Cabinet. The New Zealand model of ‘confidence and supply’ may be appropriate in the case of a tiny opposition party offering one or two seats to get a ruling party over the finishing line. It is not appropriate for the Official Opposition being asked to forgo the chance of forming its own administration and give the ruling party carte blanche for four years. …. Nothing else is acceptable.

The general consensus a few weeks ago was that the choice facing Plaid was either a coalition with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats or a Stability Pact with Labour. A Labour Plaid Coalition with Ieuan Wyn as Deputy First Minister was never on the cards, but now it appears that Nothing else is acceptable from Labour.

Why has this change in Plaid's bargaining position with Labour come about? It could be that Plaid sees itself in a much stronger position now than it was two weeks ago and in a position to demand much more from Labour. On the other hand it could be a way of talking up Plaid's preference for a Labour-Plaid deal in order to please the left wing of the party, knowing that Labour will never buy the deal. By asking for what he knows Labour will refuse is Adam trying to make sure that Labour gets the blame for any failure to grow the red-green grass and leaving Plaid no option but to coalesce with the Tories because of "Labour's intransigence"?


  1. I think Labour should take Adam up, for the reasons stated in my blog. (It would either help Welsh Socialism, or Plaid would have more problems in explaining a Rainbow coalition, as it would make them look power hungry)

    However Plaid has been calling itself a socialist party (the only socialist party in Wales none the less) for a while now, so maybe it is about time that Plaid either show that they are really a socailist party, or if they were just puling wool over peoples' eyes, to get votes. I hope it was not the latter and was actually the former. (that they are actually a socialist party)

  2. While you're adding Adam, maybe you could see your way to adding Ordovicius. e-clectig is not really a political blog, it's a blog on modern culture with a bit of politics and a few YouTube videos thrown in randomly.