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The Olympic Games is a fantastic event, wherever it is held. It shows that people of different cultures, religious backgrounds, political traditions etc can work together, compete in a friendly manner against each other and most importantly have fun together. It is something that the whole world can be proud of. Because of this I have been disappointed by the gripes of some of my acquaintances about the London games in 2012. If we can support the games when they are held in China, the USA or Australia then we should be even more supportive when they are being held in the county next door.

Despite welcoming the fact that the games are to be held in London in 2012, I share the concerns that have been expressed by many that Lottery money will be channelled away from community projects in order to support the games. Because of these concerns the organisers of the games have a duty to ensure that every penny that they spend is spent wisely, because every penny spent without wisdom is a penny that could have supported a valuable small community project.

The £400,000 spent for the odious logo is chickenfeed in comparison to what the games will cost in total. But a competition on Blue Peter, for a prize of a free entry to the opening ceremony, would have created a logo that would have been much better than the one reveled today and could have spared 400 village halls from being told that their application for a much needed £1k grant had been turned down.

The people organising the games should remember Nain's advice look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

I have seen the static logo, the animated logo was shown on News at Ten tonight. Because of the flashing lights involved, watching it sent me into a photosynthetic epileptic fit, so I can't make any aesthetic judgements about it. Except, perhaps to say (bitten) tongue in cheek it knocked me out.

However as the same logo will be used to publicise the Para-Olympic element of the games, that part of the event that shows that people who live with a disability can also take part in sporting activities, the fact that the logo worsens the condition of people who live with the disabling effects of epilepsy is ......... (Sorry I can't use such vile words on my blog.)

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I am pleased to hear that the animated Logo has now been changed as a result of complaints from a number of people who suffered a fit by watching it.

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