Britain Day - Read all about it

Following on from my earlier post about Britain Day, the actual pamphlet which sparked the discussion is now available on-line in PDF form from the Fabian Society

A Common Place
Ruth Kelly, Liam Byrne
A new national day for Britain is one of the proposals in a Fabian pamphlet by Communities and Local Government Secretary Ruth Kelly and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne. A Common Place argues that our liberalism and tolerance have never been unconditional and also suggests that migrants work towards earning citizenship with credits awarded for voluntary work and deducted for law breaking.

Download the report (120 kilobyte PDF)

I haven't had a chance to read it in full yet, when I do it may be a subject that I return to!


  1. if it is an extra bank holiday then i'm all for it. What an excellent day to honour the Britons! Let's hope the jutes, angle's and saxons join us on our celebration of our fore-farthers. ;-)

  2. well, I read the report and despite what it says on the tin it basically revolves around England. The problem I think is that people in England feel that there is a 'democratic deficit' in their country and this, to my mind, is was to paint over the cracks.

    However, with Brown making nosies about a possible written constitution, it was interesting to read on the OK (Our Kingdom) website about a convention being set up in Scotland to ensure that nay 'British' constitution doesn't detract anything from Scotland. As usual, they are 15 years ahead of us here.