101 Reasons for Not Voting Labour # 2- 9

Some odds and sods to finish of my penultimate post on reasons for not voting Labour

2) Gordon Brown promises British Jobs for British Workers, but fails to deliver.

3) Labour MP's condemn those who took Brown at his word for being racist!!!

4) Keith Vaz MP condemns the video Game Canis Canem Edit (Bully). Vaz thinks the game should be treated like a violent film and should go before the British Board of Film Classification or be banned completely. It is actually a game that a parent can play with teenage children and use to tackle issues of bullying, from both a victim and perpetrators point of view.

5 (For Peddu) Irene James

6 10p tax fiasco

7 bitchy blogs that do more harm than good for Labour

8 If you have a bowler hat they’ll help you; a hard hat, they’re not interested

9 Creeping privatisation selling off Wales


  1. reason ten also seems not to be here?

  2. 10 Labour is not a party of the people; it relinquished its socialist credentials. Gordon Brown now wears a blue tie.

  3. MOF - Thanks for including IJ - LOL

  4. NWLabourDalek04/06/2009, 19:35

    Misreable, unless he's your number 1 reason, I'd say Huw Lewis and his anti-Welsh 'no roads for Gogs' followers are a reason to themselves. Certainly his attempts over the years to smear all who wanted to protect the welsh heartlands as racists and bigots has shown him up to be one of the true anti-welsh nasties in his party.
    Not too impressed either by his role as a minister for several years, and then blaming everyone but himself and his party for the inequality and poverty of his party's heartlands.

  5. Isn't it strange that the seventh best reason you conconct for not voting Labour is the existence of Aneurin Glyndwr? In this case the poison that spews forth from the pages of Cambria Politico must rank as a great reason not to vote Plaid.

    You should be ashamed of such double standards.