Bugger Blogger

My number one reason for not supporting Labour was supposed to be published automatically at 8 am on Thursday Morning, for some weird reason it appears to have been published 2 days late!

Apart from blogger making a balls up I also, inadvertently left numbers 10 and 28 out of my 101 reasons for not supporting Labour.

That is a problem easily resolved:

10) Glenys Kinnock being elevated to the Lords (amongst many others to fill the Labour ranks). Gordon Brown seems to think that every Lord he selects is an addition to the talents that the government can call on. He appears to be stuffing the Lords with Labour supporters in a way that would have embarrassed any Tory government and even Lloyd George. (Plaid Lords still not approved, of course)!

28) When I made my comments about the abuse of Civil Liberties I noted:

58) Keeping the DNA of innocent people on police databases

59) Ignoring a European Court of Human Rights ruling that the "blanket and indiscriminate" retention of suspects' DNA is unlawful.

It appears that the situation is worse than that. Apparently the police have been instructed to arrest, without sufficient evidence, children who they think might be potential criminals in order to harvest their DNA!

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  1. Couldn't agree more Alwyn, why some hold George Thomas up as an icon defeats me.Its a shame that there are idiots like the ones u mention in labour and a few more I could name.
    Every party has them, just some seem to stand out more and get into the news and media.