Ffred a Super-Hero

I don't know weather it is appropriate to feel sad o glad at the news that my old friend Ffred Ffransis has been sent to prison, yet again, because of his campaigning for the status of the Welsh language.

I first met Ffred when I was a youngster, in my teens, during a road signs protest in Llanelltyd near Dolgellau in about 1975/6. He has been one of my heroes ever since.

Many have been arrested, many have served gaol sentences as a result of their support for the rights of the Welsh language to survive.

Lots of the old campaigners have abused their former status as language rebels to gain influential jobs.

Many of us have had to give up because of the mendacity's of life, holding down a job, raising children, caring for spouses and parents, living with a disability etc, but Ffred has carried on with the cause with a vengance.

I salute and praise Ffred for his pertinacity and his perseverance in the language cause, for sticking with it into his 60's when many of us gave up in our 20's.

Da was, Da a Ffyddlon

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  1. It is scandalous that someone should be sent to prison for upholding the rights of the Welsh language. The matter should be taken up by the European courts.