Win Patrick Hannan's latest book

Patrick Hannan has been commenting on Welsh politics since Lloyd George was just a lad - and he's still going strong. Apart from his work for the BBC, HTV and the Western Mail Patrick has also produced a number of good books on politics including:
2001 A Year in Wales, Wales Off Message, The Welsh Illusion and When Arthur Met Maggie.

His latest tome is entitled A Useful Fiction: Adventures in British Democracy:
Leading political commentator and broadcaster Patrick Hannan provides an enlightening and entertaining analysis of a post-devolution Britain and the concept of Britishness in politics, society and the media. With power no longer residing at one address, A Useful Fiction is a fascinating look at the new structure of the United Kingdom and whether the unfinished business of devolution might actually be England itself.

O'Neill on A Pint of Unionist Lite has promised a review of the book soon. In which case every Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish nationalist blog commentator needs a copy so that they can refute O'Neill's comments authoritatively.

Costing between £10 and £12, depending on supplier, I know that some skinflint readers of this blog will balk at the price. But there is a chance of getting a copy for free, sod all and for nothing.

The Liberal England blog is offering up a prize of two copies of the book to the winners of an e-mail quiz, which includes the question:

Which MP is currently 326th in the line of succession to the British throne?

The only one that I can't answer - so help please!

Entries close at 23:59 on Tuesday 7 July 2009 and the winners will be drawn by Lord Bonkers (honestly - that what it says!)


  1. Is it Adam Price - Y Mab Darogan (Son of Destiny) - the True Prince of Wales?

  2. The answer's Ian Liddell-Grainger.

    I've already paid for a copy of the book, so no point in me entering the competition).


  3. Does Adam claim descent from the Lord Rhys (he is a Price after all)


    A son of Morgan!


    David Cameron is a descendant of William IV! Makes him senior than our reigning sovereign!

  4. Surely the easiest way to read a copy of the book for free is in the local library.