101 Reasons for not voting Labour # 29 - 53

When the Labour Party was first elected back in 1997 Gordon Brown gained a reputation for economic prudence and competence. It was probably never deserved. Little of the so called economic miracle effected Wales, which has remained as poor as it was in the aftermath of the de-industrialization policies of Mrs Thatcher. Without doubt that reputation is now completely shattered. Rather than causing the end of boom and bust Brown has presided over one of the worst busts since the 1930's. My next 25 reasons for not voting Labour are all based on the economic mess that the party has caused.

29) The worst economic recession since the great depression

30) £697 billion of government debt which it will take generations to repay

31) Unemployment rates soaring. Up to 100,000 jobs per month being lost with projections that unemployment will reach 3,000,000 before long.

32) Savings made worthless due to the 0.5% interest rate

33) Output from factories hits fastest rate of decline for 28 years, with a likelihood that the rate will accelerate.

Welsh factories closing on a daily basis

34) Indesit in Bodelwyddan

35) Rexam Plastics in Flintshire

36) Corus steel plants, across Wales

37) Serious Food, Llantrisant

38) Bosch, Miskin

39) L’Oreal, Talbot Green

40) Dolgarog Aluminium

To name just a few

41) A generation stripped of self-belief as unemployment hits the under 25s in Wales particularly hard

42) Thousands of families loosing their homes

43) Northern Rock

44) HBoS

45) RBS

46) Printing £75 billion of extra money

47) Devaluing the pound.

48) Small businesses are essential to improving the economy, but they are generally ignored by Labour

49) Advice services for small businesses are being withdrawn

50) Despite paying billions to bail out the banks, the Government can't persuade the banks that it now owns to support small businesses

51) Gordon Brown refuses to accept any responsibility for the recession. Blaming "the world" rather than his own poor judgement and mismanagement

52) The arrogant assumption that those who got us into this mess are the only ones who can get us out of it

53) At a time when competence is most needed Alistair Darling always gets his predictions wrong

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