Sir Em doesn't drink in the same pubs as me!

On the S4C Welsh Language news last night there was an interview with Sir Emyr Jones-Parry of the devo committee. In the interview the benighted gent said that, in his opinion, there was little interest in the nitty gritty of devolution in the local pubs of Wales. He claims that:
The people in the pubs are interested in the Lion's game, the economy, the Health Service, not devolution

Interesting conclusion when one considers that not a single one of his consultations were held in a pub!

Also interesting was that the interview was only broadcast in Welsh! The gist of the interview was reported by Betsan in English, without an English word from Sir Emyr himself!

It looks like the Welsh speaking nashies are being forewarned that the Syr Em commission is going to say NO! (Or, diplomatically - not yet!)!

However, it is clear that Syr Em doesn't drink in the same pubs as me!

He is right when he says that questions about the Health Service, The Economy, The Environment etc are uppermost in peoples minds, but in my pub the big question is What is the Welsh Assembly going to do about these issues?

Three or four years ago the people on the barstools would have asked What is the Government (-i.e. the Westminster Government) going to do about them?

The fact that it is those arseholes in Cardiff who are now blamed for all our woes rather than the arseholes in London is an important development.

On almost every bread and butter issue discussed in my local, one can guarentee that somebody will moan that The Welsh Assembly should do more

There is a major gap between the idea that the Assembly should do more and the idea that the Assembly should have the power to do more, but that gap isn't one that a committee or a commission should fill. That is the job for the politicians!

It is time for the 60 elected and well paid Assembly Members to come out from the protection of Syr Em's shield and tell us what they want, what they really, really want! And what they are going to do about it!

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